Why Do Organic Products Cost More?

Published: 11th May 2008
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No doubt about it; you are going to shell out some more money if you purchase organic products for you and your family. Many individuals have no problem paying the extra money though, knowing that they are doing the right thing by buying healthy products that are free of pesticides and chemicals.

It is hard to argue the fact about organic food is healthier for you and your family. Organic products have not been contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals during the processing of that item.

There still are some skeptics who will flat out deny that pesticides are harmful. There are those that would argue though, that the amount of pesticides used on vegetables, for example, have a very small amount of pesticides. Some believe that there is not enough of these chemicals that are used to cause any real harmful longterm affects.

Some still remain skeptical, however. For those who still do not believe in the cause, it should be noted that organic foods have been shown to be better for you and your family. These products have more of the essential daily nutrients that your family needs for good health, such as vitamins, minerals and the important enzymes that help break down your food in the digestion process.

A very hot topic within the organic products arena is the term growth hormones and antibiotics that are used in the farming process. Now days, it is not hard to find milk that is one-hundred percent free of these chemicals, hormones, fertilizers or any other additive that is used so often when it comes to farming.

It is more than worth the money to many people who will buy nothing but organic products. In fact, the entire world is becoming more environmentally aware.

Despite the fact that many people see the importance of being able to have alternatives to products that contain harmful chemicals, many of these very same people still wonder why going green has to be so costly if there aren't any additives.

Basically, the main reason for the higher prices is that regular food products that are not considered to be organic, are subsidized by the government, making them less expensive. Without this subsidization, those products free of pesticides and the like, would likely be very comparable in price to the organic items.

Another reason why organic products cost more is because of the fact that the chemicals that have been used on produce for many years were designed to make produce affordable for families.

There are some important tips to keep in mind though, when going green. In fact even the farmers need to do their homework as well if they are to display an organic label.

It is required by the United States Department of Agriculture that agriculture farmers are required to document and prove that their products and farming operations actually comply with these USDA guidelines. This also includes farmers having to submit their farming system plans as well as documented records in order to keep in compliance with the set forth rules.

In addition, farmers are also required to allow inspectors inspect their goods at any given time, which only seems fair in an effort to protect the consumers who want a true organic product.

Going green is not just limited to the human family member any longer. The popularity of going green seems to have carried over into other areas that families hold dear, such as the love of their pets. Pets are like family members. There are also eco-friendly pet products that are available for your other loved ones. Being environmentally aware is a good thing. This is important in our daily lives as well as the waste that we are all responsible for producing, which will affect generations to come.

While it may cost more to purchase these organic products, isn't it worth the effort just knowing that you are benefiting your environment in which you live in?


Cecilia Valenzuela is a full time entrepreneur and advocate for helping other hopeful entrepreneurs become successful. Valenzuela is a translator, teacher and successful online business entrepreneur who believes in preserving the precious earth. Find out more about organic products and tips to help choose organic products. This and Arizona attractions can be found at:http://www.my-arizona-desert-living.com/Organic-Products.html

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